CSA is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultancy, dedicated to getting things done. Less talk, more action. From data analysis and DE&I strategy to coaching teams and business leaders, our purpose is to enable practical and sustainable solutions that improve the effectiveness of employees.


Your team of DE&I ninjas

CSA is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultancy, dedicated to getting things done. Less talk, more action. From data analysis and DE&I strategy to coaching teams and business leaders, our purpose is to enable practical and sustainable solutions that improve the effectiveness of employees.

We work with a range of clients from global corporates to government departments to help design, develop and implement inclusion and diversity solutions.

Through change management and continuous improvement practices, we guide clients through a strategic process with a critical focus on measuring impact. Our approach is positive, proactive and creative.

We work collaboratively with companies to drive real culture change and embed diversity and inclusion throughout their organisation. All our consultants have worked within organisations so know the challenges they face. Their insider knowledge is key to our success and reputation as the kick ass DE&I consultancy!

Charlotte Sweeney undertook a forensic analysis of data available across the whole employment lifecycle to draw out the key messages across the Inclusion and Diversity agenda. She was able to draw upon her wealth of experience in this arena to identify patterns, make connections and provide real insights for the business.

First 100 Days

Roll up your sleeves and crack on

We understand the expectation that is placed on professionals to get up to speed and deliver quickly in a new role and it’s no different for inclusion and diversity. Whether you’re in the DE&I hot seat leading the strategy or have a role as a champion, ambassador or resource group chair, the first 100 days are critical to your success.

Our First 100 Days programmes are specifically designed for each of the above key roles. Delivered as a combination of four coaching sessions, strategy and planning overviews, videos, podcasts and email reminders, each week we work with you to break down the critical elements you will need to focus on and deliver over the first 100 days in your role.

After the 100 days, we also give you the opportunity to discuss further development requirements to continue to be successful in the role. You will become part of the First 100 Days Alumni, with the option to attend accelerated insight sessions with your peers across many sectors as well as accessing valuable content via the Creating Inclusive Cultures app.

I started as the Head of DE&I with a passion for equality but no real understanding as to how to make an impact. With the support of Charlotte and her team I was able to map out what I needed to achieve as well as how I needed to develop my own skills and behaviours. Without that expert support from the start I wouldn’t have gained the support I needed internally.


Incisive support, delivered in a no-nonsense way

We provide one-to-one coaching and support for anyone driving and influencing the inclusion and diversity agenda within their organisation. Each programme of coaching is tailored specifically to individual requirements. Examples include:

Executive and Senior Leaders

Coaching for senior managers and business leaders who may be looking to improve their performance, impact and influence change. Appropriate for professionals who want to be authentic leaders, working in changing and complex environments and require insights and support in embedding inclusion and diversity into their strategic priorities, their daily activities and to hone their own inclusive leadership style.

Human Resources (HR) Professionals

Coaching with an inclusion and diversity expert who has led significant change programmes in global organisations. This coaching will support HR Practitioners at all levels in the organisation and all HR specialisms, embed change strategies including DE&I and employee engagement into their day to day work. This is designed to assist internal HR professionals in creating policies, practices and processes that are focused, future proofed and deliver in a sustainable way.

DE&I Professionals

Coaching designed to support internal practitioners to create the right strategies for their companies and deliver effective DE&I solutions. Our coaches have all led successful change programmes within organisations so understand how best to assist you to do the same. This coaching can be tailored to cover change strategies including diversity, inclusion and employee engagement.

DE&I Champions and Ambassadors

Coaching with an inclusion and diversity expert for business leaders who are looking to champion diversity in their organisation. Aimed at those aspiring to improve their inclusive leadership, increase their effectiveness in building inclusion and diversity into their own internal and external communications and embed into the areas where they have influence.

HR Programme

Enabling HR to embed DE&I

Human Resources is a critical stakeholder in ensuring all people, practices and processes reflect their organisation’s diversity and inclusion aspirations. Realistically, we recognise that HR departments may not have the time or tools to evaluate all components of the employee life cycle and to review key processes.

Our programme has been developed to specifically support the needs of HR and has been piloted with Human Resources teams across the world. Comprising of an initial workshop and multiple webinars, it covers all areas of the employee life cycle: from attracting talent, onboarding, promotions, exiting the organisation – and everything else in between.

The programme is an impactful way for HR teams to think differently about how they deliver people processes and aims to embed DE&I throughout the organisation.

To support the programme, we also deliver sessions for managers and leaders who are involved in people, practices and processes. Designed to bring the ambition of an inclusive process into a reality, sessions are tailored to the policies and culture of the company and include themes such as bias in decision making, inclusive behavioural traits and the quick reminders we all require to be truly inclusive.

The webinars were insightful and well thought out. I especially liked that Charlotte would consistently open the floor up to questions so that anything that we didn’t understand could be raised. They really challenged our thinking as to how we could do things differently.

Accelerated Insights

Enabling your employees to thrive

Our Accelerated Insights sessions are a tried and tested formula of looking at DE&I challenges in a different way. With different perspectives we can create a different outcome, literally role modelling diversity and inclusion!

Bringing expert views together with people from across your organisation, from all levels and backgrounds, we take an alternative viewpoint on your challenges - whatever they may be.

Recent Accelerated Insights sessions have included issues such as attracting and retaining ethnic minority talent, raising the profile of mental health and effective strategies to increase engagement on DE&I.

These sessions will ensure that you’re tapping into the views and perspectives of your colleagues and those who are part of the organisation, to create effective, tailored solutions.

The accelerated insights sessions have been inspiring. It is great to see people from across the company sharing their own views into what we need to do to create a better workplace. The rigour they take you through is great and the outcomes are impressive.

Be Inclusive App

Solutions at your fingertips

As technology advances we endeavour to offer our solutions via new platforms. The Be Inclusive app delivers a suite of useful resources to enable individuals and organisations to engage hands-on with their DE&I strategy.

The app includes: podcasts, webinars, company insights, research, infographics and video advice from DE&I experts from around the world. Continually updated, the content is designed to encourage constructive DE&I practices on an everyday basis.

The first of its kind, this is a valuable addition to any company’s awareness and communications strategy. As well as the existing content, there is the opportunity to customise content to secure sections of the app, so only your employees will see this. Whether it’s in–house training clips, access to internal communications or push notifications to remind people to reply to an employee survey, the options of how this can enhance engagement are limitless.

The app is available on IOS and Android.

We relaunched our DE&I focus and initiatives in the summer, aided by the use of the Be Inclusive app. In addition to the resources already available, we added videos, photographs and further content so that all our employees could feel part of it. The Be Inclusive app is a great addition to be able to give our employees to aid their engagement.

Inclusive Behavioural Framework

Getting the best from your teams

The Behavioural Framework is an innovative leadership tool for business leaders and managers that will transform the quality of leadership within an organisation. It does this by facilitating effective, relevant and timely reviews with employees, leading to positive change and development.

The framework is easily accessible and is a bespoke behavioural matrix that is designed specifically for the organisation and embeds inclusive behaviours throughout. It improves self-awareness and knowledge of others, encouraging a more flexible and dynamic leadership style.

As well as a useful recruitment framework, it is a valuable developmental tool that provides clarity for organisations and encourages leaders to step up and take responsibility for their own inclusive behaviours and to instil that within their teams.

The use of this framework has significantly impacted the level and quality of leadership, right across our organisation. It is also extremely easy to use, and we would unhesitatingly recommend it to others.

Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmark

Quality control

Created by global experts, the GDIB has been designed to guide organisations to focus on the critical elements which create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Working through 14 different categories, it ensures that companies understand their current position, the actions they need to take and the levers they can use to create change.

Although there are many benchmarks to help companies get on the right path, the GDIB is the only one that takes cultural differences into account.

Embedded as part of your wider measurement strategy, it delivers an effective overview of progress and areas for further focus for your ongoing DE&I activity.

CSA is a certified partner of The Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmark.

Using the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmark has given us a clear view of what we need to change in the company – looking at what is right for us rather than what everyone else is doing. Adding the regular review into our measurement plan means we have a robust way of monitoring our progress – something our senior leaders value.

Inclusion Survey

Benchmarking success

InclusionIndexTM is an academically researched diagnostic tool designed to specifically measure inclusion. According to psychometric principles, it accurately measures perceptions of diversity, inclusion and employee engagement across a range of indicators, slicing and dicing the data by ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, gender, religion, seniority and location.

By producing a series of reports across the organisation and for defined demographic groups, it allows organisations to understand the feelings and experiences of diverse groups of employees.

This process can identify any vulnerable or excluded groups, as well as highlight areas of good practice. Scores can also be used to benchmark levels of inclusion, against other industry players, or against companies from different market sectors globally.

This level of rigor sets InclusionIndexTM apart from standard employee opinion surveys. It has been deployed across more than 50,000 users in the UK, European, North American and Southern African markets and across both private sector and government organisations.

CSA is a certified partner of InclusionIndexTM.

The InclusionIndexTM enabled us to really understand what the inclusion issues really were within the organisation – no more second guessing or relying on focus group discussions. The results of the Index ensured we were focusing on the right issues as well as effectively measuring our progress.

Globesmart Profile

Delivering insights through data

The GlobeSmart Profile is an online cultural inventory that enables individuals to discover and compare their own work-styles across five dimensions of culture and get advice on how to work more effectively with other countries, colleagues and teams.

Using data from industry-leading cross-cultural researchers and Aperian Global associates around the world, it delivers dynamically generated advice on how to be most effective when working with selected styles of culture or colleagues. Users can also gain a better understanding of their own unique team dynamics by reviewing their team profile, based on an average of the profiles of all team members.

These accurate insights provide concrete strategies proven to address potential conflicts and pave the way for increased business success.

The GlobeSmart Profile is available in 13 languages and over a million people regularly use the resource to support their global business interactions. This is a must for any organisation that works across many cultures and countries.

CSA is a certified partner of Globesmart.

We used Globesmart across our business and it has signi cantly increased the level of employee interaction and cultural understanding across our 27 countries. Used in advance of both global employee and client meetings, it really makes people think about cultural difference and the impact that has on every conversation.

The honesty and passion this diversity and inclusion expert brings to her talks is simply outstanding.

Keynote Speeches & Workshops

Kick-ass keynotes

Charlotte is an award winning global speaker and a fellow of the Professional Speaking Association. She delivers engaging and interactive keynote and facilitates wider discussions, as well as chairing conferences and panel discussions.

Combining latest business thinking with her diversity and inclusion expertise, she delivers keynotes that draw from her business and personal experiences. Her sought after speeches are punchy, pragmatic and powerful!

All speeches are tailored for each client’s requirements. Speeches include:

‘A Spoon in a Drawer Full of Knives’ – how embracing difference and increasing inclusion can have a positive impact on innovation and collaboration within organisations.

‘Turning Words into Action’ – the critical steps required to convert those ne words supporting DE&I on organisations’ websites into a reality for all.

‘EPIC – Every Person Influences Culture’ – identify and understand the challenges to increasing employee engagement and the impact every individual has on the workplace culture around them.

Charlotte also delivers tailored keynote speeches and workshops on Inclusive Leadership. Each one is specifically tailored for the organisation and the audience to meet their requirements – from the Board and Executive Committee to the new joiners – and everyone else in between.