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DE&I Professional Development

A unique and practical suite of professional development opportunities for everyone leading DE&I

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DE&I Professional Development

A unique and practical leadership development programme

Who are our Professional Development Opportunities for?

Our development opportunities prepare DE&I professionals operating across any sector, to step into their role as a DE&I change influencer and leader. Whatever your background, academic qualifications, or career path, the our development opportunities are tailored to your needs and will enable you to mobilise others to want to get extraordinary things done in your organisation.

Development Overview

Our professional development opportunities are tailored to your needs. We will work with you to create a development pathway that responds to your current requirements as well as your future aspirations.  Pathways can include on-demand content, live events, coaching and mentoring. You will also be invited as a member of our professional alumni network for life - connecting with DE&I Professionals around the world.

Recent reports and research demonstrate that there is a 17% increase in the number of Chief Diversity Officers (CDO’s) employed in the US since 2015, and this is reflected in other corporations around the world.

DE&I Professional Leadership Programme Feedback

The cadence of this course was the best I have ever experienced, no afternoon slumps which says a lot given the course had to be virtual. It has been the best PD course I have ever done. Even better than my MBA.

Great content from credible and experienced experts in what is a rapidly more prominent, significant, and important aspect of business strategy. So proud to have made it onto the first programme of this kind. Thank you.

The module was a great way to set us all up for success. The subjects covered were absorbing and provided some really practical tools. I thought the mix of videos, presentations, debates, break out rooms and exercises were spot on. Can’t wait to get started on the project and to see everyone again in October!

A very well thought out programme with relevant content that will help me in my broader role. A great investment of my time. thank you to Charlotte, Cathy and Liz for all your work and preparation.

Amazing content with the just the right blend of input and discussion. I love that there was a variety of topics covered and further reading and resources mentioned for us to explore. Thank you so much for an amazing week, the entire module was brilliant, and I loved every minute - my only complaint is that it was over too soon!

The programme so far has been excellent - consolidation of some existing knowledge and lots of new knowledge and ideas. It’s been a great opportunity to take a step back from the day job and think about where I am and what I need/want to do next.

Thank you, Charlotte, Cathy and Liz. The programme so far has surpassed my expectations. I’m so pleased to have secured a place.