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Leaders FIRST

A key step of any sustainable change is both gaining commitment and building awareness at the C-suite. Research conducted by CSA with over 3,000 senior leaders in global organisations confirms that despite there being a well-documented business case for undertaking DE&I work, there are five key themes which are consistently cited as reasons why DE&I does not progress within organisations.

Using the above insights, CSA creates insightful and discussion-based programmes for Executive Teams to unpick the reasons behind these key themes in their organization as well as the pragmatic actions they can take to overcome them.

The programmes explore:

  • Why organisations prioritise DE&I
  • The impact this has on all areas of business and their wider eco-system
  • The impact of doing nothing
  • Identifying and consolidating the commitment at the top

Now delivered to over 30,000 leaders around the world, we recommend Leaders FIRST as a critical step to create impactful change. We also provide executive coaching for leaders to build their knowledge and commitment in a safe environment. These can be delivered both as individual coaching programmes as well as group coaching.

I am a firm believer that equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace is good for business. In order that we can grow and support the Northern economy, more businesses need to work together, build partnerships and share best practice...”

Head of HR Support Services, Northern Rail
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