Inclusive Leadership. Be Authentic, Be Curious, Be Kind

Be Authentic, Be Curious, Be Kind. These are Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Katie Gleghorn's 3 rules to live by.

Claire Ackers, Founder and Director, Adesse and host of Audacity podcast and AudacityTV featuring interviews with inspiring and authentic leaders chats to Katie Gleghorn about:

  • Her top tips for ensuring your company is diverse and inclusive (no matter how big or small)
  • How snapping up the opportunity for redundancy paved the way for her dream job
  • What leaders need to be doing right now to keep their staff safe and engaged

“Katie’s warm and engaging style makes the easily actionable tips she’s giving easy to implement, and this interview is an absolute must for any leader serious about diversity and inclusion in their company.”

Watch the full interview here.