The Second Time Since 1189

Image for On the 8th November 2013 the City of London experienced an event that has only happened once before since 1189. Any idea what that was?

On the 8th November 2013 the City of London experienced an event that has only happened once before since 1189. Any idea what that was?


The City of London appointed Fiona Woolf CBE as Lord Mayor, the second woman to take this post and the first business woman.

The Lord Mayor’s main role is to represent, support and promote the businesses and the people of the City of London. Today, these businesses are mainly in the financial sector where the Lord Mayor is seen as the champion of the entire UK-based financial sector. The Lord Mayor gives over 800 speeches in the year and spends over 100 days abroad in some 22 countries promoting the City of London and the UK.

Each year, the Lord Mayor shares their vision for the city, their areas of focus and the charities that will benefit from The Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

I have had the honour of working directly with Fiona over the last couple of years creating and leading part of The Lord Mayor’s 686 Plan ‘The Energy to Transform Lives’. I will continue to lead ‘The Power of Diversity - Harnessing Talent’ element of the programme for Fiona throughout her mayoralty.

The city depends upon being able to draw the best talent from an increasingly diverse and inclusive pool for the innovation that society now needs. The Power of Diversity Programme has been designed to highlight and discuss the critical steps that the city at all management levels must take to maximise the energy and innovation that diversity can bring to business.

I will be working with the 35+ organisations who have made a commitment to both supporting the programme and continuing to move the dial on creating truly diverse and inclusive organisations.

I will share further information throughout the year on the programme, the mayoral legacies and progress made. In the meantime, if you would like further information on the programme visit

Monday, 9 December, 2013