100 years on, how would Emmeline Pankhurst view today’s workplace for women (and men)? #Vote100

This weekend, I watched the parades of women across the UK celebrating 100 years since some British women were guaranteed the right to vote. I emphasise…

June 11, 2018

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Are You Prepared for Your Customers to See All?

From publishing Gender Pay Gaps to the Women in Finance Charter organisations in the UK are now faced with the prospect of sharing information publicly…

October 6, 2017

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Mental Health - are we ready to move from talk to action?

A recent survey by the Mental Health Foundation found that nearly two-thirds of people say they have experienced a mental health problem. More than four…

May 10, 2017

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Diversity and Inclusion from 38,000 ft

During all of that I had the privilege of speaking at a conference in Mumbai where I shared our STAR Framework, a tool designed to really understand where…

February 27, 2017

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Social Mobility – the next frontier for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)?

Recent figures from The Social Mobility Commission show that in the UK seven per cent of children attend fee-paying schools. However, The Sutton Trust…

January 24, 2017

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Is the Football Association ‘unable to modernise’?

The FA appointed their first female on the board in 2011 - Heather Rabbatts CBE. In 2013 she criticised the composition of the commission as being ‘all-white,…

December 13, 2016

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When did we get too busy to be inclusive?

During my travels I was struck by a situation that made me really question how, as a society, we have become too busy to notice what is around us and how…

November 29, 2016

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Diversity and Inclusion – the route to progress

However, companies are struggling to make ‘better workplaces for everyone’ a reality... which is increasingly concerning when we know that changing workforce…

October 8, 2016

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